Doubling Time
Here, you calculate the doubling time of your cells online. It's helpful to manage cell culture.
Two Time Points
Several Time Points
Initial concentration :
Final concentration :
Duration of culture :
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What is the 1st column ?

Doubling Time = 21.86=ln(2)/0.0317
Growth Rate = 0.0317
Growth Rate = number of doublings that occur per unit of time
Equation : amount=0.5288*e0.0317*time
At t=0, calculated cell concentration = 0.5288
Exponential Curve Fitting

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Reference for exponential regression

Weisstein, Eric W. "Least Squares Fitting--Exponential."
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The doubling time equation works for any kind of exponentially growing object.
I didn't mention any unit for time and concentrations. It's not necessary.
Keep in mind that the doubling time unit is the same than the one you used for the duration.
Instead of using concentration of cells, you can use the number of cells.